Clinical Staff

Compass BDC LLC is a partnership where each member brings unique skills and academics with common goals. Our BCBA’s, BCaBAs have extensive knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Early Intervention for children dealing with Autism. BCBAs, BCaBAs provide training and curriculum development for our Behavior Assistants, as well as other providers and parents. Compass Behavioral Assistants strive for excellence. They are highly educated with BS and MA in fields of Psychology, Child Development and related field. Our administrative staff strives to provide great service and always be the supporting role for families, schools, and ABA practices.

 Supervising Clinical Staff (BCBA, BCaBA, QASP)

• Taylor Ferguson, MS, BCBA Clinical Director

• Casey Ayer MS, BCBA Clinical Director

• Susan Bradley MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

• Kenneth McDonald, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

• Teresa Conner, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

• Crystal Adcock, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

•Amy Tanner, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

• Stacy Michaels, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

• Lyndon Del Rosario, BS, BCaBA Clinical Supervisor

• Amanda Vollenweider, BS QASP Assistant Supervisor

• Ashley Hoffman, BS, QASP Assistant Supervisor

• Derek Hendley, BA QASP Managing Assistant Supervisor

• Ashley Hoffman, BS QASP

• Ebony Day, BS QASP  

• Tabitha Pitts, BS, QASP

• A’kera Grizell, BA, QASP Managing Assistant Supervisor

• Natalie Mitchell, BA, QASP Managing Assistant Supervisor

 RBT Staff

• Ariel Paige, BS, RBT

• Andrea Sandbach, BS RBT

• Katheryn Bergemann, RBT

• Katherine Moriarty, RBT

• Nakeisha Bennett, BS RBT

• Nicholas LoBiondo, BS RBT

• Patricia Martin, BA RBT

• Daniel Cumba, BS RBT

• Irene Medina, BS RBT

• Katie Williams, AA RBT  

• Shanleye Weismiller, BS RBT

• Emily Schuler, BS RBT

• Greg Sietstema, BA, RBT

• Will Barton, BA , RBT

• Tabitha Pitts, BS RBT

RBT Staff

• Derek Hendley, BS RBT
• Amanda Vollenweider, BS RBT
• Ebony Day, BA, RBT
• Ashley Hoffman, BS, RBT
• Jennifer Acevedo, RBT
• A’kera Grizell, BA, RBT
• Ariel Lofton, BS, RBT
• Emily Richardson, BS, RBT
• Greg Sietstema, BA, RBT
• Lisa Barnes, BS, RBT


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