Compass Staff


Taylor Ferguson, MA BCBA

Clinical Director

 Taylor Ferguson MA, BCBA is a Compass Clinical Director and together with Clinical Department Members, supervises and oversees all Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBT), Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA,) to ensure the highest standards of quality for clinical care, compliance, and training. Taylor started with Compass in 2015 as a Consultant while working as an Instructor at Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. Taylor obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Minor in Sociology, he then continued on to receive a Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis from University of South Florida in 2014. Taylor has extensive training in both clinical and home based services with a focus on early learners and foundational skills; VB-MAPP and PEAK; conducting functional behavioral assessments; and developing behavior intervention plans. He emphasizes consultation and staff training in schools/group homes and parent training. Taylor has worked in center-based clinics, interdisciplinary teams focused on school based programming, and working as a BCBA in home-based programs for children and adults diagnosed with a variety of developmental disorders. Taylor is exceptional BCBA that is always looking to engage educators, parents and staff to ensure the highest quality service for each client. He is a true advocate for children and adults with Autism as well as advocate for students wanting to advance in the field.

Phone: 800-832-9419 ext 7

Stacey Michaels, MA, BCBA

Assistant Clinical Director (Hinesville, Savannah, Ga)

Stacy has joined Compass in 2019 as an Assistant Clinical Director for Hinesville, Savannah Area. Stacy earned BS in Psychology in 2010 and in 2012 Completion of 135 classroom hours of ABA Online professional development course sequence to meet the current instructional requirements for eligibility to sit for the Behavior Analysis Certification Board exam, BCaBA. Stacy continued her education and earned Masters of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2016 from Ball State University and successfully completed independent Field Work hours and received Board Certification, BCBA. Prior receiving BCBA Stacy worked as ABA therapist since 2013 as well as obtained BCaBA. Prior to joining Compass, Stacy provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children with autism in Beaufort County. Specialize in providing treatment services in the naturalized environment to individuals of all ages whom are experiencing challenges in the areas of academics, behavior, communication, daily living, social, and life skills. Stacey is an exceptional BCBA that is devoted to the success of her clients. Stacy has skills as a direct ABA Therapists and Assessment and designing individualized Treatment Programs for children with Autism ages 2-16 years old. Stacy has knowledge in clinical and in home services with a focus in: early learners, verbal behavior, VB-mapp, PEAK, conducting functional behavioral assessment, Developing Behavior Intervention Plans, and consulting/training with teachers, parents. We are happy to welcome Stacy to our Compass Family. 

Phone: 800-832-9419 ext 1

Crystal Wood, MS, BCBA

Assistant Clinical Director, Warner Robins Area

Crystal is Assistant Clinical director in Warner Robins Area. Crystal is part of lead Clinical Team in Compass newest Clinic, open June 2019. Crystal has received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Cappella University in 2013. Her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis was conferred in 2017. Crystal worked as Registered Behavior Technician since October, 2016 providing 1:1 ABA Therapy for children diagnosed with Autism, shortly after in 2016 Crystal became QASP-S whee she assisted Supervising BCBA. Shortly after Crystal completed Masters in Applied Behavior and 1500 Independent field work hours and successfully passed BACB exam. Crystal Received BCBA in November, 2018. Crystal has a knowledge in Verbal Behavior and various Assessments including PEAK. She has provided parent Training as well as assisted in training other providers such as OT, SLP to implement principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Crystal is a committed BCBA to her client’s success and is currently Clinical Supervisor in Warner Robins, GA location.



Lyndon DelRosario, BA, BCaBA


  Lyndon Del Rosario (Peter) is the clinical lead advisor, and oversees all Behavioral Technicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) contractors to ensure the highest standards of quality for clinical care. Peter obtained his Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from St. Meinrad College, St. Meinrad, IN. Peter is a Board Certified, Assistant Behavior Analyst, June 2000 Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. State Certificate, Associate Behavior Analyst, October 1999 Dept. of Children & Families, State of Florida. Peter has been in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis for over 20 years. His extensive field knowledge includes working for The Mental Health Center of Jacksonville, Henry and Rilla White Foundation, Duval County Schools, University of Florida, Department of Children and Families, Daniel, and River Point Behavioral Health. His experience lies in consulting/Training caregivers, teachers, parents, foster parents and other providers. He also has experience with Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments; VB-MAPP and PEAK, Lyndon (Peter) is an amazing teacher and staff and clients love his caring and patient nature.  


Phone: 800-832-9419 ext 4


Derek C. Hendley, BS QASP


Derek is a lead RBT Clinical Manager and together with Casey and Peter responsible for RBT Compliance and Development, Derek also assists in managing Clinical Department and RBT Staff. Derek C. Hendley is a native of South Georgia and he has been passionately serving the Autism community for over 6 years. Derek has received Associate of Science in General Studies through Georgia Military College and has received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology in 2016 with Concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis( ABA) through Kaplan University. Derek successfully completed and has obtained his QASP certificate. He is currently enrolled in a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis and pursuing his BCBA. He has received training in PEAK Assessments, and continues to broaden his knowledge in the field. Derek strives to provide exceptional education, support, and evidence-based care for his clients whether in the home, schools or community. Derek participates in various Community Outreach programs and serves as a Youth Pastor. He is exemplary role model and his caring nature sets him apart. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, being in the outdoors, serving at his local church, and volunteering for various community organizations/non-profits such as the Boy Scouts and local food banks.


Phone: 800-832-9419 ext 5

Akera’ Griszell, BA RBT, QASP

RBT Manager Hinesville, GA

Akera’ is our RBT manager in Hinesville, Ga. She is responsible for ensuring that the Behavior Technicians at Compass receive ongoing training and support necessary to provide high quality ABA services to Compass’ Clients. Akera’ completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2004. She has been Registered as a Behavior Technician by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) since 2015. She obtained her Certificate as a QASP-S in 2018 from the Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis (QABA) credentialing board.




Natalie Mitchell, BS, QASP

RBT Manager Warner Robins Area

Natalie is our RBT manager in Warner Robins and is responsible for ensuring that the Behavior Technicians at Compass receive ongoing training and support necessary to provide high quality ABA services to Compass’ Clients. Natalie obtained her AS degree in Sociology and Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Old Dominion University, Virginia. Natalie has been Registered as a Behavior Technician with the BACB since 2017. She obtained her QASP-S from the QABA credentialing board in 2018.



Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett is Compass Office and Regional manager. Sarah is our trusted patient and consultant coordinator and the true advocate for children with Autism. All the staff and clients know that Sarah will make sure that their needs are met in a timely manner. Sarah Bennett, Graduate of Health Information Technology Management & Coding Diploma from Wiregrass Technical College is also local to Valdosta Georgia. She is familiar with Tricare, Private insurance policies and will work hard to get client started in the right direction. She is always making sure that each family has latest Grant information and is connected with right resources for success. Sarah is also knowledgeable in assisting new ABA Practices in starting their business.
Phone: 800-832-9419 ext 1

Amila Smith, BA


Amila is the Compass Behavioral and Developmental Consultants LLC. Management, Marketing, and Administrative Partner. Amila has been working in the behavioral services field for approximately 6 years, and continues to advocate for families impacted by autism, by helping families find services, receive grants, and other resources available to children with autism. Amila Smith, a mother of two children with Autism, personally knows the challenges for those affected by Autism, and has been an advocate for not only her children, but also for all families that are living with the challenges of raising children on the spectrum. Her family dream is to open a non-profit Group Home for young adults affected by Autism, and allow them to experience productive and independent living. For more information on programs for your children and family.


Phone: 800-832-9419 ext 3

Rodney Smith, AA


Rodney Smith is the Compass Behavioral and Developmental Consultants LLC. Financial and Human Resources Advisor. Rodney retired January 1, 2014 at the rank of Master Sergeant, after proudly serving in the Air Force for 24 years. His service included a deployment to Afghanistan and other overseas assignments. He is the father of two children on the Autism Spectrum, and strongly advocates for children with disabilities. Rodney has received an Associates Degree (AA) in Human Resources and an AA Degree in Space Operations.


Phone: 800-832-9419 ext 2


Susan Bradley, MA, BCBA

Susan received her undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University and continued receiving Masters of Arts in Music from Florida State University in 1986. Susan continued her study and finished Applied Behavior Analysis Sequence Classes from University of West Florida in 2015, finishing Independent Field Work and received her BCBA certification. Susan’s experience is gained through Georgia Department of Developmental Disabilities as a case manager as well as working in the field as a BCBA Supervisor with Compass. Susan completed PEAK assessment training and is experienced in conducting functional behavioral assessments; and developing behavior intervention plans for individuals diagnosed with Autism.

Amy Tanner, PhD, BCBA

Amy is highly qualified and trained educator with 20 years of experience. Amy received BS in psychology and Masters of Science in Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis) from Capella University as well as PhD in Social Services. Amy successfully completed independent Field Work hours and received Board Certification, BCBA. Amy has experience in the school settings and in Clinical/home settings working with clients. Amy is currently working as Adjacent Instructor at Ball State University and working as Compass Clinical Supervisor for Warner Robins Area.

Amanda Vollenweider, BS, QASP

RBT Manager, Valdosta Area

Amanda worked with Compass since 2014 providing direct ABA therapy with children diagnosed with Autism. Her dedication sets her apart and care for each young learner. Amanda graduated with Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Valdosta State University. Amanda gained experience and education and obtained QASP certification in 2016. She received training in PEAK Assessment and continues to receive training in the field.

Ashley Hoffman, BS QASP

Ashley received Bachelor of Science in Early Child Education from Macon State College in 2010. She has gained experience by working direct ABA therapy with kids diagnosed with Autism and in 2016 received QASP certification. Ashley is compassionate and dedicated ABA provider and a mother of three young children that always puts her clients needs first.

Ebony Day, BS, QASP

Ebony obtained her Bachelor in Applied Behavior Analysis from Savannah State University in 2012 . Ebony worked as a dedicated RBT with compass before obtaining her QASP Certificate in 2017. Ebony has gained experience working in group homes with adults and providing in home ABA therapy to children with developmental disabilities. Ebony is a graduate student at Ball State University working towards BCBA certification.

Priscilla Deloach

Billing Specialist

Priscilla Deloach is a part of the billing department with Compass. She has previously worked at other local medical facilities in various billing departments. In addition to her in the field experience, she studied Medical Coding at the US Career Institute based in Fort Collins, CO. She also studied American Sign Language at Valdosta Technical College, which she later used in her time visiting the Dominican Republic! Priscilla does her absolute best to ensure all claims are processed for our clients in both a timely and efficient manner. She works directly with the funding sources and providers in processing these claims to the appropriate source.In her free time, Priscilla enjoys spending time with family and traveling.She is a valuable asset to the Compass team!


Compass BDC LLC is a partnership where each member brings unique skills and academics with common goals. Our BCBA’s, BCaBAs have extensive knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Early Intervention for children dealing with Autism. BCBAs, BCaBAs provide training and curriculum development for our Behavior Assistants, as well as other providers and parents. Compass Behavioral Assistants strive for excellence. They are highly educated with BS and MA in fields of Psychology, Child Development and related field. Our administrative staff strives to provide great service and always be the supporting role for families, schools, and ABA practices.

 Supervising Clinical Staff (BCBA, BCaBA, QASP)

• Taylor Ferguson, MS, BCBA Clinical Director

• Stacey Michaels, MS, BCB Assistant Clinical Director

• Crystal Wood, MS, BCBA Assistant Clinical Director

• Susan Bradley MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

• Kenneth McDonald, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

•Amy Tanner, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

•Uma Bucha, MS, BCBA Clinical Supervisor

• Jessica Partain, BS, BCaBA Clinical Supervisor

• Lyndon Del Rosario, BS, BCaBA Clinical Supervisor

• Amanda Vollenweider, BS QASP-S Assistant Supervisor

• Ashley Hoffman, BS, QASP-S Assistant Supervisor

• Derek Hendley, BA QASP-S Managing Assistant Supervisor

• Ashley Hoffman, BS QASP-S

• Ebony Day, BS QASP-S  

• Tabitha Pitts, BS, QASP-S

• Shanleye Weismiller, BS QASP-S

  Ariel Paige, BS QASP-S

• A’kera Grizell, BA, QASP-S Managing Assistant Supervisor

• Natalie Mitchell, BA, QASP-S Managing Assistant Supervisor

RBT Staff

• Christine Hooker, MA RBT

• Nicholas LoBiondo, BS RBT

• Patricia Martin, BA RBT

• Christina Flournoy, BS RBT

• Katie Williams, AA RBT  

• Layna Thomson, BS RBT

• Emily Schuler, BS RBT

• Lisa Pirtle, BS, RBT

• Will Barton, BA , RBT

• Margaret Witten, RBT

• Hannah Rhodes, MS RBT

• Lorraine Bonilla, BA RBT

Valdosta Area Clinic/Office

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Hinesville/Savannah area
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Beaufort, South Carolina

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Jacksonville, FL & Kingsland         

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Warner Robins / Macon Area

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