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Elevate Your Career Path with Compass BACB Training
September 1, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Learn how BACB training can help you take your career to the next level.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy can be life-changing for individuals who are on the spectrum. It helps them target challenging behaviors and learn the skills they need to live a happy and productive life, which is the reason many ABA experts choose this professional path.

Oftentimes, ABA experts choose to start their own practice so they can better help the people in their area, but this can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. The team here at Compass Behavioral & Development Consultants LLC can help ease this transition through our BACB training services so you can feel confident stepping out on your own.

What is BACB training?

For more than two decades, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) training has been the leader in behavior analyst certification. This nonprofit corporation was established to meet professional certification needs within the applied behavior analysis field, and it continues to follow its mission of protecting consumers of behavior-analytic services by creating, promoting, and circulating professional standards of the practice.

BACB training’s primary role is to help ABA experts better understand practice standards, pass the necessary examinations, and learn about continually evolving ethics requirements and disciplinary systems. With this type of training under your belt, you’ll have all of the knowledge and skills you need to successfully open your own practice and start effectively serving the community you care about most.

Why you should choose BACB training with Compass.

While there are many BACB training programs available, the one offered here at Compass Behavioral & Developmental Consultants LLC is comprehensive and provides everything you need to transition from direct clent care and gain Independant Field Suervision that will prapere you to pass BCBA exam as well in supervision and case managment.

Administrative staff training.

Staff Credentialing BCBA/BCaBA/RBT credentialing with Tricare, BCBS, United, and Multi Plan.

  • ABA Staff requirements and education
  • Industry-specific administrative training
  • Training on paperwork and documentation requirements
  • Staff Training on clinical documentation requirements.
  • Billing basics ICD 10
  • Eligibility and benefits specific to ABA coverage
  • Audit Readiness
  • Advertising and client retention
  • 6 months of non-clinical admin support.

ABA Practice Administrative Materials And Forms

We provide the following documentation and administrative materials training:

  • Supervisor ( BCBA, BCaBA, BCBD) manual
  • Employee/contractor forms
  • Staff invoicing
  • Non-compete contracts
  • Non-disclosure contracts
  • Client clinical intake forms
  • Client consent forms for ABA treatment
  • ABA program forms

Remote RBT Training

  • Training can be provided as needed and consists of the required 40h RBT training in order to be eligible for the competency assessment.
  • NOTE: This service is provided as needed and is payable at the time of service.

Clinical Support (Optional)

  • Clinical support is provided as peer review by BCBA.
  • BCBA will review and observe clinical documentation to ensure ongoing clinical standards in accordance with BACB.
  • Services will include up to 2h per month and include case discussion if needed.
  • NOTE: This service is provided as needed and is payable at the time of service. It is a separate contract in duration of 6 months.

Are you ready to elevate your career with BACB training?

Then reach out to the experts here at Compass Behavioral & Developmental Consultants LLC. For nearly ten years, we have been serving Georgia and South Carolina by providing autism therapy services and bringing ABA therapy to the remote communities that need it most.

Our goal is to equip ABA professionals with the expertise they need to effectively develop individualized treatment plans that empower individuals living with ASD to live the most fulfilling life possible. Learn more about we can help you open your own practice, or reach out to us online to set up your initial consultation.