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Insurance & Funding

ABA Funding and Insurance Coverage

Insurance and Funding
Coverage Options

ABA therapy is covered by many private and government insurance providers. Our trained professionals can provide support to help you determine your insurance benefits. If your childs needs ABA Therapy and has been diagnosed with Autism in GA or SC we can help! We accewpt GA Medicaid and all CMOs, Tricare, BCBS, Aetna, United and many other plans.

Many insurance providers, government payers such as TRICARE for active duty and retired military personnel, and certain companies pay for all or some ABA therapy for children with autism.

To learn whether you have an autism benefit, we recommend you contact your insurance provider and your employee benefits coordinator. If you have any questions about how to determine whether you have this benefit or how you can obtain it, please contact us at 800-832-9419 and fill out intake form.

This is an image of children who work with a child behavioral consultant in Beaufort, SC.