COVID 19 Update and Strategies:

At Compass Behavioral & Developmental Consultants LLC our top priority is the health and safety of our clients and staff. As a precaution, we will implement some temporary new procedures to support the recommendation for social distancing while we provide much needed ABA Therapy services to your child. This applies to services in our center and client homes:

Therapists will safely guide kids upon arrival and departure to wash hands and sanitize. Each child will have their own private space with an RBT, away from other children. Only Compass staff and client will be allowed in the clinic. One parent/guardian at a time and only in the waiting area where we will take over the child after checking temps. If you have other children, we can greet you at the door to assist.

All clients and staff temperature will be checked upon entering the clinic. If a fever is present services will not be provided. Client or staff must be fever free for 24 hours without medication prior to returning to the clinic or working. This will decrease the probability of exposure to sick kids and staff.

No outside toys will be allowed in the clinic. Only communication devices or materials needed for therapy will be allowed and all will be properly sanitized upon entering and exiting the clinic. At home our therapists will bring only materials needed for your child’s therapy and if possible store them at your home for duration of this time.

If you would prefer home based services, contact our office to determine availability.

Parent training as well as Plan Modifications may take place in home or via telehealth if insurance allows telehealth and it is the best course of treatment. We are working with insurance companies to authorize telehealth services to be provided via telehealth and will update everyone as these decisions are made.

We hope to continue to provide your child’s medically necessary services and are taking the above steps to ensure safety and  recommended social distancing. We will work as a team to ensure your child’s treatment is minimally impacted by these changes. If you opt to cancel session(s), these cancellations will not be tracked as part of our attendance policy at this time. We will work with each family and their specific needs.