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Your guide to ABA therapy with Compass
August 9, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Your guide to ABA therapy in Valdosta

When you first have a child diagnosed with autism, there’s a flurry of information that’s sent your way. A big part of that information is likely the recommendation for ABA therapy. If you’re new to the world of ABA, there’s a lot to learn. At Compass Behavioral & Developmental Consultants, we offer ABA therapy in Valdosta, Ga, Thomasville, Ga, Hinesville, Ga, Warner Robins, GA and Bluffton, SC and will work with you to help you understand what all it entails and how it can help your child with autism. To get started, we’ve assembled this short guide to provide you with some of the basics about ABA.

What is ABA therapy?

ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis and it’s a therapy that’s designed to shape behavior. This works well with children with autism because it can teach them how to model their behaviors and habits around desired outcomes. These can be things as simple as learning how to sit and wait for direction or as involved as teaching speech and toilet training. The programs involved in therapy are catered to the unique needs of each child.

What does ABA teach?

Children in ABA therapy can learn a broad range of skills. Receptive skills like learning how to follow directions and selecting objects from a variety of options are just a small part of ABA therapy. Additional adaptive skills can include learning how to get dressed, bathe, and brush teeth can be taught when patients are ready for them. Those who need more assistance with therapy can even be toilet trained as needed. When children are ready, they can be prepared with academic and pre-academic skills so they can transition into a public school when they’re ready.Various social skills and verbal skills needed to navigate school and other settings.

How will my child benefit from ABA?

Your child will benefit from ABA in a variety of ways. They can be taught social skills that help them learn how to play with their peers as well as engaging in interactive play. You’ll notice a difference in play as they are taught how to play with toys and expand their interests beyond the tiny world they will often seclude themselves to. With the help of ABA, you’ll notice that your child has much easier days at home and even when you’re out in the community.

How long is a typical ABA therapy session?

ABA therapy sessions vary based on the needs of the individual child. It’s not uncommon for children to find success with a morning of therapy a few times a week. This could be enough to teach them the social skills that they need to succeed at a public school. In contrast, it’s not uncommon for a child to spend eight hours a day in ABA therapy to learn everything from basic expressive language like labeling objects and people to advanced adaptive skills. Therapy is curated according to the needs of the child and their doctor and therapist will work with you to find what’s right.

Get in touch to learn more

If you’d like to continue learning more about ABA therapy in Valdosta, please get in touch with our team at Compass. We’re dedicated to providing children with autism the therapy they need to improve how they interact with people and their community in their everyday lives. Give us a call to learn more about ABA therapy and how it can benefit your child with autism. Call 800-832-9419 and we’ll get you in touch with our clinic near you. You can also send a message using our contact form and we’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.